trapper cabin

intaglio vitreograph
30 by 22 inches
edition of 20

Produced while Artist in Residence at Pilchuck School of Glass, this edition of intaglio vitreographs depicts the wireframe of a small cabin, decreasing in resolution from left to right. The image began as a 3D model of an old, Nordic, trapper cabin seen along the road to Pilchuck. Created through photogrammetry, the model conveys both the decay of the original building and the imperfections in the model building process (photogrammetry creates a rough 3D model by comparing and combining a number of still photographs).

Reduced to a wireframe, the image was then etched into a glass plate, and editioned in the Pilchuck printmaking studio.

This project was made possible by Pilchuck School of Glass, with special thanks to Charlie Cohan